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Get your Masaya hammocks here ...

     Ey people, whassup from New York City. I want to welcome everybody to my Nicaragua website. I have (as of Nov.2003) four sections: The Cities, Volcanoes, Beaches and the newest one, the Protected Areas Section. For better understanding, I suggest you surf my website as it was designed. The first stop should be The Cities Section containing information and pictures of some of the cities in the country; so far I have sub-sections of: Managua, Masaya, Rivas, Granada, León and the East Coast. As you continue to the second and third sections, titled "Nicaragua's Natural Beauty", you'll get in-depth information and even more pictures of our country's natural beauties like: volcanoes, beaches, lakes, islands and rivers. Then, it's the new (as of Nov. 2002) Protected Areas Section that includes: La Máquina, El Chocoyero-El Brujo, Laguna de Apoyo and Volcán Masaya.

   In addition, I have added a page where I gathered all the best quality images for you to download and use as wallpaper. I also have a page about our National Symbols. Not to forget is Nica Plaza, a page where people can make nica friends; Nica Plaza. Currently, there're 50 people listed: 32 ladies and 18 males. And for your convenience, I have some important/interesting links related to Nicaragua.

   So, just get a drink, maximize your browser's window and start learing more about Nicaragua.

• Where in the world is Nicaragua located?
• Know the country map? Managua's weather and local time
A more detailed map.
• Capital: Managua. Local time/temperature:
• Country population: 5 million +
• Current president: Daniel Ortega
• National currency is the "Córdoba": $1 = 19.90 córdobas (Jan 2009)
• Sales Tax: 15.00%
• Country dialing code: 505 + 7-digit number
• Time Zone: GMT -06:00 ; Central Time ( U.S & Canada )
National Anthem (MP3 )
• Seasons: Summer (December-April) - Winter (May-November; rain)
PINOLERO is simply another nickname for Nicaraguans, like "nicas" or "nicoyas". Let's see what it exactly means: Pinol and/or pinolillo is a Nicaraguan product that makes a typical drink called "pinolillo". So, Spanish for pinol-makers is pinol-eros, or pinoleros.

Edgar Hernández
820 2nd Ave, Suite 802
New York, NY 10017
(212) 986-6562

     Thanks for visiting my Nicaragua website. As mentioned before, I am a "nica" living in New York City. I was born in March of 1979 in Puerto Cabezas, head city of R.A.A.N (North-East), on Nicaragua's beautiful Caribbean Coast. I first created this website in Feb. '99, but really got into it in mid 2000. At first, it was just a hobby but then I realized that our country's bad image was a big deal. So, I decided to do something about it hoping that it'd help, at least just a bit.

     I've noticed that when people talk about Nicaragua, most of them have negative thoughts; some still think that the country is still in war, others think it's very poor and a very dangerous place and as a result, would not even consider visiting The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes. True, the country did have a revolution back in 1979 that put an end to the "Somoza"'s 45-year dictatorship; and yes, in the '80s it was a pretty dangerous place to be, mostly due to the "contras"'s [a U.S.-sponsered guerrilla to overthrow the "F.S.L.N"(a leftist front that ended the Somoza dictatorship)] activities that only helped damage even more the country's reputation. But those unstable times are in the past and in fact, Nicaragua is now the safest country in Central America. The war times are over, long time ago, there're no more contras or guerrillas taking innocent hostages.

     Sadly, I cannot argue the fact that the country is poor, very poor, in fact, it's the second poorest country in America. That's due to many reasons: natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts and others; economic sanctions by the U.S and its allies back in the '80s (when Daniel Ortega of the F.S.L.N was in power), but most of all, I think Nicaragua's so poor because of its selfish and currupt leaders. In my opinion, they have all, in the country's history, being very selfish and just think about getting rich no matter what, even by braking the law.

     The country is now trying to bounce back and improve its economy once more as it turns to different industries to do so. One of those is the petroleum exploitation, which I don't think it'd be such a big impact. The two things that I really thing would jump-start the economy are: the costruction of a "dry canal" and the tourism industry. The first one would definitely be a huge positive thing for the economy, in many, many ways, but it does have its down sides. However, the tourism industry is certainly what this country needs but its still in the early stages. The government needs to improve many things before the country can be ready for massive tourism.

     With this website and with the love I have for Nicaragua, I think I'm helping, at least just a bit, change our country's bad reputation and let everybody know that The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes is an absolutely beautiful and safe country.

Darwin E. Vivas Irias
darvivasi @ yahoo . com

P.S: My website is always undergoing changes because there's always room for improvement.


NOVEMBER 2003: Added the "Baseball Nica" page to cover Nicaraguan Baseball for the 2003-04 season.

OCTOBER 2003: Added new pictures in my Beaches Section, under Stricly Images.

MARCH/APRIL 2003: Inaugurated thanks to free hosting & design services by Created the "Stricly Images" section. Also, in the new Protected Areas Section, added Laguna de Apoyo and Volcán Masaya. Also, made some improvements to the Volcanoes & Beaches Sections.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2002: Created the Protected Areas Section starting with La Máquina & El Chocoyero-El Brujo. Also, replaced better quality images on the entire site.

APRIL 2002: In the Volcanoes Section, added Momotombo II. Also, updated and improved all the sections, pages.

SEPTEMBER 2001: In the Volcanoes Section, added the Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve Page. Also, improved the rest of the section.

MARCH/JULY 2001: Improved all the sections and replaced pictures with my own ones.

FEBRUARY 2001: Improved the Beaches Section and replaced some pictures with my own ones. Also, created the Anniversary Page. Also, improved the overall Cities Section and replaced some pictures with my own ones.

OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 2000: Created the Wallpapers Section. Also, improved my overall Nicaragua site.

I created my Nicaragua Website in mid 2000. Since then, it has undergone several updates/changes/improvements and it always will, as long as those changes improve it.